the ways of defense and movement.all is fluid ,nothing is still this is defensive Martial can dodge and deflect more easily then anything else.

1. Combat Teleport 2. Advanced Combat Teleport

1. Kyushingury:this unique power enables the caster to centralize his powers and strengh this allows the martial artist the ability to give himself a bonus in any ability for 1 turn the cost is 25 ki for +1.Can spend up to  100 ki on this power for lvls 1-4, 200 ki at lvls 5-8, 300 ki lvls 9-12 400 ki at lvls 13-15 and 500 ki at lvls 15-20, in addition to the ki cost there is a 5 stm cost for every +1

2. Kata-Count:this is the way of peace this can only be used once per fight this gives the caster a bonus of +10 to all defensive actions...and +5 to offensive actions.The effects of this last for 5 turns and cost 300 ki and 25 stm

3. Super Barrier: this lets the defender block a ki atk fully .This cost 75% of the total ki spent on the attack and 10 stm points per 100 ki spent.

4. Kai-zin Kayden: a powerful ki atk meant to deplete enemies fast after a hard hth battle this atk is at +4 to hit, it is ap&sp it does 3d6*30 dmg +2d6*30 every 3lvls.cost 150 ki +50 ki stating at lvl 3

+5int +10mnt +5str +10dex +8stm +15 spd

Cold Fist-Icer School

1. Discharge 2. Flight 3. Eye Beams 4. Bulk Up 5. Capture Ball

1. Sense Alignment: (no KI cost) you can sense someones alignment (good or evil)   

2. The Finger of the Godlike: This is a KI attack it is 1d6*25 an 1d6*25 every 2 lvl's sp & ap This costs 200 KI to use per 1d6*25

3. Ultra AOP: Your KI works as a shield that blocks 8 hp for 1 KI spent and it has no limits. Must state at attack if HP will come from ki or hp BEFORE the damage is rolled. Also this shield can be made SP resitance by using *3 KI. But if the attack is AP&SP then it doesn't work.

4. DeathBall: The Deathball is the Icer's most powerful attack. It is 10d6*20 and SP, AP, and Planet Destroying. Every level it gains 10d6*20. It starts out taking 320 ki and each level it gains 100 ki

Attribute Bonuses: +5 MNT +12 STR +15 STM

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