((( STR + DEX + SPD )*(( HP / Base Mod. divided by 3 )+( KI / Base Mod. divided by 3)))/15

Base modifiers are your races normal modifiers.  This does not change ever, even through uniques, super forms, or transformations.  When dividing by 3, always round down.  (10 would round to 3)

Also if you have a bonus to strike and dodge that dosen't come from your stats (+2 to strike and dodge from feirce fighting style) then add a +10 to the STR+DEX+SPD side of the formula for every +1 to strike and dodge. If it is only a + to strike OR dodge, then only add +5. If the bonus is conditional (like very calm gaining +8 when angry) then do not add it.

Okay this is how classes work, there are the following classes:

A    1-2,500

B    2,501-5,000        

C    5,001-10,000

D    10,001-20,000

E    20,001-40,000

F    40,001-80,000  

G    80,001-150,000      

H    150,001-250,000

I    250,001-350,000  

J    350,001-525,000  

K    525,001-725,000      

L    725,001-950,000  

M    950,001-1,200,000                   

N    1,200,001-1,500,000

O    1,500,001-2,000,000

P    2,000,001-2,800,000

Q    2,800,001-3,800,000  

R    3,800,001-5,000,000

S    5,000,001-6,300,000

T    6,300,001-7,800,000

U    7,800,001-9,800,000

V    9,800,001-12,500,000

W    12,500,001-15,500,000

X    15,500,001-20,000,000

Y    20,000,000-35,000,000

Z    35,000,000 +

Every level of class you are higher than someone you 1/8 Damage then it moves down from there So if it was a class A against a class C the C would take 1/7 damage from the A. This continues if it was a class D the would take 1/6 damage

+1 strike/dodge for each class higher than your opponent

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