INT 2d6

MNT 3d6

STR 6d6+10

DEX 5d6

STM 5d6+3

SPD 4d6

HP: STMx14+25 per level

KI: MNTx8+15 per level

Choose 2 power at level 1, and 1 for each level


1. Dodorians have extreamly though skin that acts as a natural armor that is 25% of the Dodorian's HP.

2. Dodorians have spikes all over their body making their hand to hand attacks inflict extra damage and on top of that are naturaly strong and have weight to throw into attacks. HtH damage is not regular bonuses but is STR / 3 instead.

3. Dodorians start with bulk up, Discharge, uppercut and pound.

4. Dodorains are for the most part fat, when compared to other races, which gives them a -2 to dodge.

5. Dodorains gain a +1 to HtH damage for every 20 HP.

6. Dodorains are hard to tire, stamina count is at *2.

7.  Gains 20 points to distribute between non-INT stats at level up

8. Gain +25% to STR and STM when LPed.

Different Creeds of Dodorians:

Roll 1d12 to decide which creed you are.

1-3- Yellow Dodorian- these Dodorians have extra tough skin. Their natural armor is 40% of HP, and they also receive +7 STR and +5 STM.

4-6- Pink Dodorian- this creed is the most well-rounded. They have an extra 1d6 to each stat, +1 attack per round, and automatically receives Mouth Blast at no cost.

7-10- Grey Dodorian- these Dodorians have spent many years perfecting their mental abilities. They are +1 to strike with Ki attacks, receive +1d6 to MNT and INT, and rather than their starting Ki be MNTx8+15, it is now MNTx10+20 per level. +50 ki to begin.  Begins with Multi-fireball at no cost.

11-12- Brown Dodorian- These Dodorians are born with a small pair of wings, which allow them to fly at SPD times 4 mph, at a cost of 1 STM point per hour. This is the quickest creed. -10 STR, +5 DEX, -5 STM, +10 SPD, +2 to all stikes and dodges while flying

Unique Powers:

Charge: This is not any type of ki charge but its basically just runing into your move.  The Dodorian rams into his opponent doing any basic HtH move, except Ram, Flying Ram, and Dropkick.  This HtH move gains the Dodorian's SPD for damage along with normal bonuses and is +4 to strike.  Can only be used once per round.  Cannot be chosen until level 3.

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