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[ DB Character Sheet]
[ DB Character Sheet]
[ Initiative Tool (Makes doing init WAY easier)]
==Describe your topic==
==Describe your topic==

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Welcome to the Dragon Ball RPG (D20) WikiEdit

This is a homebrew made DB RPG. This was made long ago by a large group of people and uses the D20 roles like D&D.

This wiki will have all the rules and races on how to make a character.

*Table of Contents*

DB Rules

Character Creation


DB Character Sheet

Initiative Tool (Makes doing init WAY easier)

Describe your topicEdit


Dragon Ball and all related elements are trademarks of TOEI ANIMATION, and are used for informational purposes only.

No copyright infringement is intended, or should be inferred. All other rules and abbreviations are © Glenn Dyer except Ki Invention Technique and Unique Abilities Chart.

Also this Dragon Ball RPG is not official. This system is in no way related to the true official DB RPG made by R Talsorian.

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