Form Changes Edit

They are powerful ways to increase you power and alot of races have built in form changes.

For everyone form change, when you change when you do it the first time or have not masted that form yet. you regain +60% of all you STM, KI, and HP. Once you do the form for the second time or master it, you lose this Bonus. Edit

Races With No Forms Edit

Their is alot of races that do not have form changes though. As a result and way to balance the game a bit, every race has access to a form change. I will detail it below.

In effort to make things simple I will be using rice rolls and a 1d100 to see if you change.

*Races that DO NOT have access to form change*






Demon Sorcerer



Powered up Form Edit

These races below already have access to a form but will get a powered up one.







These races have access to Form Change powered up form. This is where the race already has a form change but this gives them a boost. Obtain at level 10 and when knocked below 20% HP the race has a chance to change. Roll a 1d100 and get above a 80 or higher. If they fail they do not change. They can do this the next time as well they fall below 20% in their next battle and it comes a 70 or higher. Going all the way down to 40. Once they beat this roll they can change form at will.

Once obtained, they get +50% to all their stats beyond their first form and a +2 hp and ki multiplier. The form can take any look the player choices based on that race. It takes 2 stm and 10 ki to maintain.

Super Forms for Non Form Races:

All races that above gain access to this and can do it at level 5. No requirement needed. You just have the ability to transform.

They get +20% to all their stats and +1 Ki and HP multipliers. This form can take anything you like based on your race. Once obtain, look to the above form change to go their second form. They will follow the same steps as they races above.

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