Hildegarn by alexiscabo1-d90mu7w


INT  1d6

MNT  3d6+20

STR  5d6+30

DEX  2d6+25

STM  6d6+30

SPD  2d6+30.

HP: STMx20+30 per level

Ki: MNTx16+25 per level.

Choose 3 powers at level 1, and do not take another power until they reach level 6, when they take 1 per level


1. Starts with Flight. Gains Advanced Flight at level 6.

2. Due to their extreme size (as big as a skyscraper), they take 1/2 damage from physical attacks. Ki attacks effect them normally.

3. Starts with Combat Teleport and Advanced Combat Teleport.  May use both, regardless of speed.  Also, begins with Mouth Blast OR Eye Beams.

4. At a level up, they get +3 to all stats and 5 points to put in any stat

5. Hildegarns are demons, therefore they should be portrayed as such (IE. no good-guys)

6. They can travel freely through space at a cost of 50 ki per light year.

7. They get -10 to dodge, but on the same token, because of their immense size, they are +10 to strike.

8. Can only talk after his INT reaches 20 and he can only know his own lang intill his INT is 25. At INT 25-whatever he can only know his lang and common

9. Gains +50% to STR and STM when LPed.


1. True Form- When they have reached a new level of power, they will transform into a winged- demon. They also retain their size. This can be reached through 2 methods:  a) If they absorb more than 3x their maximum Ki, they will transform and remain in the state for     their level in rounds.  b) When after level 14, they transform permanently if they meet the following:     


1. Power Level of at least 15,000,000     

2. Be at 10% or lower HPs, but not in LPs. When they transform, it will take an action to do. They cannot be attacked during this period of time. When in this form, they have the following:

+33% to MNT

+10% DEX and SPD

+50% to STR and STM.

HP is now *22 Ki is *18

2. Absorb- At level 6, a Hildegarn gains the power to absorb ki. This can only be done once per battle, but it lasts for an entire round. Any ki attacks sent at the Hildegarn are immediately absorbed and the cost to use the attack is restored to the Hildegarn's ki.

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