Every character starts with a base of 60 points (adjusted for Uniques and Race) +20 points per level.


-ADDING ABILITIES AND DAMAGE TO OTHER ATTACK POWERS- Powers like Kamehameha, Shin-kikoha, Do-donpa, and Soukidan; can be added to, in damage and abilities.  This is done by rolling for the percentages like normal, with some minor differences:

1) The basic cost of the attack increases at a rate equal to how much it increases in damage Ex. Kamehameha costs 10 ki, +10 ki per level after 1 ( each 1d6x10 dmg is 10 ki)

2) Ki invent sets may be spent as normal and added to the base damage

3) The added damage and/or abilities add to the cost as normal Ex. Kaku, level 1,  is succesful in adding Armor piercing and 3d6x10 damage to Do-donpa. It now does5d6x10 damage, and costs 75 ki (30+30+15).

4) NOTE-Each level of advancement the max damage for a power increases, but the added abilities are specific to each level. When you gain another invent set, you may improve upon a different level (usually this would be the most recent) of the power. Ex. Kaku, has just turned level 2, his dodonpa increases in power... he may choose to fire his level 1 dodonpa which costs 75 ki, does 5d6x10 dmg and is AP.  Or he may fire his new level 2 dodonpa, which costs 40 ki and does 3d6x10 (basic attack, 1 level added).

Ki Invention Technique

HtH Invention Technique

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