INT 3d6

MNT 5d6+4

STR 4d6

DEX 7d6

STM 5d6

SPD 5d6

HP: STMx8+20 per level

KI: MNTx16+25 per level +1 attack per round

Pick five powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. Jeice-Jins have a good balance of speed and therefor have a +2 to strike and dodge

2. Jeice-Jins gain a +22 to add to any ONE stat when leveling up.

3. Due to a Jeice-Jin being so well rounded every three levels they gain a +8 to all stats starting at level 1

4. Jeice-Jins start with Discharge

5. Jeice-Jins also have a good balance of ki which gives them a +10 points to ki inventions and +10 Ki damage per 100 HP

Unique Ability:

Sonic Blast

Can't be picked until level 2

A high pitch scream that does 1d6*10 lvls 2-4 2d6*10 lvls 5-7 3d6*10 lvls 8-10 4d6*10 lvls 11-13 5d6*10 lvls 14+ This damage is AP and SP and opponent(s) loses 2 actions and suffer a -4 dodge if hit because they are deafened. To avoid being hit, must roll a 14 or higher on a d20. Costs 15 stm and can only be used once per 2 rounds or the jeice risks losing his voice. If used more than once per 2 rounds, roll a d100, on a roll of 1-50% the jeice losses all speach and of course, the sonic voice. 51-100% means he loses his voice for 2d6 days.  No Aura concievable can stop sound, so not even MA Aura.  May be countered only by another Sonic Blast or a Paiku-jin's Sonice Voice

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