INT 3d6+6

MNT 3d6+10

STR 5d6+10

DEX 3d6+10

STM 3d6+10

SPD 3d6+12

HP: STMx8+15 per level

Ki: MNTx15+30 per level +1 attack per round

Pick 3 powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. Kaios are demi gods and are very wise. +20 to any stat per level +5 to INT.

2. Kaios have anteni that let them used an advanced sort of ki sense that has no chanse to fail. The anteni let them use ESP through great distances and dimentions. Also lets you use the ki sense over great distances. Other people can talk thourgh your ESP by placing thier hand on your shoulder.

3. Kaios can create items with restrictions: -Simple things: Like food, water, clothing, anything very abundant; 1 ki per pound -Simple tough things: Metals, Furniture, buildings, concrete; 50 ki per ton -Machines: appliances, TV, Radio, guns; 50 ki per 100 lbs -Very complicated machines: nuclear generator, Satellite, Space Shuttle; 50 ki per pound GMs approval

4. Kaios start with Surpress Ki at no cost.

5. Kaios lose +10% to all stats when brought into LPs except INT, which is +20.

6. Can live in Heaven and Hell and travel between dimensions.

7. Kaios are a symbol of all that is good and holy and therefor CAN'T be changed into Majins

8. Kaios gain +30 Invention Points

9. At level 13, a Kaio's HP Modifier becomes x10 and his Ki Modifier becomes x17

Unique Powers

1. Remove Sekikatsuba: Cannot be picked untill level 6 and will remove the Sekikatsuba power from an ally for the cost of a pemanent -1 to STR and STM to the victim of the stone and also costs 50% of their maximum Ki and 15  STM for the Kaio to use it.

2. Kaio School: Kaios, being demi-gods and very wise, often form their own schools of technique. Kaios use the school creation rules found under the 'School' file.  They also have the ability to create their own Power Invention to make part of this school.  See Power Invention rules.  Kaios gain all the powers and Power Invention from their school, but do not gain the attribute bonuses. Cannot create their school until level 6.

2. Train: Kaios can train other people in their school at any level but doing this takes one month. Kaios may not train each other, nor train Kaioshins.

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