the art of ki mastery - here are the basic techniques taught in this hidden school,which you must be a ki master or a ki master's apprentice to enter this school.this school teaches you all the benefits that ki can give a person. These techniques and teachings are very useful and mysterious those who know of them will never reveal where they have been taught. (Ki Techniques)

1. Sense Ki 2. Minor ESP 3. Charge

1. Ultimate Telekinesis-this technique is like super telekinesis but 3x as powerful.this allows you the ability to move almost anything with your mind.can use it to deliver and bolt doing 1d6*30 damage can add 1d6 every 2 lvls.

2. Nexus Eruption-a very powerful ki concentration atk that creates a wave of blueish/white ki energy that is at -5 dodge that is ap that inflicts 4d6*10*lvl of the master. it gains 1d6 every lvl after.It costs 75 ki +50 ki per lvl

3. Senku Gin: this gives you the ability to have a *3 multiplier for your ki when you pump but be warned for as good as this sounds this drains you unbelievably,this leaves you with 10 stm points and stunned for 1d2+1 turns

+10 int +15mnt +5 str,dex,stm& spd

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