INT  2d6

MNT 4d6

STR 3d6+2

DEX 3d6+2

STM 3d6

SPD 3d6+2

HP: STMx10+20 per level

KI: MNTx8+15 per level

Pick 3 powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. Ligons have the ability to breath in both air and water.  

2. The Ligons are massively religous and protective of their homeworld (no one but them even know where it is).  This secret is closely guarded.  Not even in dying matters would a Ligon reveal his homeworld's location.

3. For each level the Ligons obtain they recieve 25 points to divide among any 2 stats.

4. The Ligons have four eyes providing them with keen eye sight and giving them a +3 to strike, dodge and +1 attacks a round. Zanzoken doesn't work on him, and Tayiokens don't blind his 3rd and 4th eye, allowing him to keep the +3 strike, he blinds people for 3 actions when using tayioken.

5. Choose one school of technique

6. Gains +5% to all stats when LPed.

Unique Powers:

            (TIME FREEZE) Ligon's are born with the ability to manipulate time and space.  They can speed time up and slow it down by thought.  When a Ligon stops time they lose 3 stm a action that they make and gain penalties depending how long they had stoped time.  If they stoped time for 1-2 actions there is no penalty.  if they stoped time for 3-4 actions they suffer a -3 to all dice rolled the next turn. If they stoped time for 5-6 actions, they suffer a -6 to all dice rolled the next turn.  There is no limit to how long a Ligon can stop time some have been known to stop time and come back years older, but if a Ligon drops below 2 STM while holding time still they get ripped apart by the force and have to roll under 25 on a d100 in order to survive. Also you can only do HtH attacks in time freeze.

            (MIND FREEZE)      lvl. 4 Another ability highly known that Ligon's use is called "Mind Freeze".  This power freezes the targets in a 500ft radius.  It costs 50 ki to summon the energy to stop the opponent and 15 ki a round to maintain the mind freeze...  The Ligon can move around inside the area as if in normal time but they cannot stop time while maintaining Mind Freeze.  Mind Freeze can only be used if the target or targets are at or below 50% ki

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