The Majin School is located in hell. You are tought the Majin powers by Babidi and after you become Majin you may return to normal but lose bonuses only if you are hit by a person's Mystic Beam.

Only pure EVIL people can train here. Must be level 10+.

1. Eye Beams 2. Mouth Blast 3. Ki Shaping 4. Capture Ball 5. Masking KI 6. Self-Destruction

1. Majin Powers: Majin Powers is the exact opposite of Mystic powers. If you have super forms achieved you add up all the attributes of the super forms including INT and add them all to your regular form. You can use your old super forms and have the super bonuses but each super form you lose 1 class.

2. Majin Beam: The Majin Beam is mainly used to make Mystics Majin. It does 1d6*5 damage per level and costs 5 ki per 1d6*5. The Mystic can only dodge this attack or counter with his Mystic Beam. Whoever loses the beam battle is turned into what his opponent is.

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