Spice sisters trio by warriorking4ever-d5bdul6


INT 2d6

MNT 4d6

STR 4d6+2

DEX 5d6+4

STM 4d6

SPD 4d6

HP: STMx10+20 per level

KI: MNTx10+20 per level

Pick two powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. Makyo-jin start with an additional HtH move of their choice.

2. At a level up, Makyo-jin receive 20 points to put in any stats except INT.

3. Choose one school of technique

4. Makyo-jins start with Telekinesis OR Bulk-up at no cost.

5. For every 40 ki the character has, +1 HTH damage.

Unique Powers

1. Makyo-jin have the natural ability to create weapons from their body. These weapons do 2d10 damage, +2d10 per level of having them gains hth damage bonues Costs 10 STM to make.   Can be picked at level 2,  but cost a power selection you use an extra power to make this SP. AC if STR is 2x your opponents STR

2. Dual Weapons- Can make 2 weapons at once now. Each weapon does 3/4 of the normal damage dice, but can be used simultaneously during an attack. Each one has it's own strike roll, but if using both simultaneously, each one has a -4 strike penalty. Example: Garlic is level 8. He creates 2 swords, each having a damage die of 6d10 (3/4 of 8= 6). (NOTE: You have to pay the costs for each, that is, a total of 60 ki and 10 STM to make both.) same AC as above

Garlic Jr. (Super)

3. True Form- Makyo-jin have two forms, a smaller and weaker one, and a larger and stronger one. The smaller one is their base form, and the larger one is only achievable once they reach level 4.  They can switch between these forms, however, once they transform into the large form, they must wait 2 days before they can go back to the smaller form. Stat changes for Large form are as follows:

MNT: No change

STR: +25% DEX: -10%

STM: +20% SPD: -10%

+2 HP Multiplier

+1 Attack per Round

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