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INT 3d6

MNT 5d6+6

STR 3d6

DEX 4d6

STM 3d6

SPD 4d6

HP= STMx12 +25 per level

KI= MNTx12 +15 per level

+1 actions per round Pick 3 powers at level 1, and 1 every level after


1. At a level up, Metamoru-jin get 20 points to put in any stats

1. Metamoru-jin begin with Discharge and Telekensis.

4. For every 60 Ki they have, they get +1 HTH damage.

4. For every 250 HP, they gain +1 to strike.

5. Gains +5% to all stats when LPedd

Unique Powers

1. Fusion Technique:


This is the Metamoru-jin's most powerful technique. They originally created this technique.

Simply add all attributes, HP, LP, Ki and take the average of their actions. Lower characters Pl must be within 5% of the higher characters PL.

Here's the problem for the characters. The Fusion skill starts at 35% chance of success. For each time they perform fusion (successful or not) they get +2%. If fusion is not successful there is a 50% chance of them becoming a fat fusion.  In this case, divide all stats by 15, but HP, after being refigured, is at +25%. 

There is also a 50% chance of becoming an old fusion (it will always be one or the other on a failure).  In      this form, divide all stats by 15, but Ki, after being refigured is at +25%. Fusion lasts for 30 minutes without exception so you had better make sure you can fuse well before fighting someone. Only people of the same races can fuse together.   

This includes Half-breeds.  An Acquian/Chou-jin can only fuse with another Acquian/Chou-jin.  Learn this at level 5.  At level  10, they may teach it to one other person with 4 weeks of constant training.

     **Note: It was the Metamoru-jin who taught this technique to Goku, who in turn taught it to     Vegeta, Trunks and Goten.**

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