This school is located in Heaven on Kaioshin's planet. You learn the "Mystic" powers from Kaioshin. This is normally meant for Sorcerors but other races may attend too.

Only People of a pure GOOD heart can learn from this school. Must be level 10+.

1. Ki Shield 2. Deflection 3. Instantaneous Movement (Instant Transmission) 4. Blade Beam (sword) 5. Ice Sword (sword) 6. Omnislash (sword) You are givin a sword after you learn instant transmission

1. Mystic Powers     Mystic Powers is the exact opposite of Majin powers. If you have super forms achieved you     add up all the attributes of the super forms including INT and add them all to your regular form.     You CANNOT achieve these or any new super forms after you learn this technique. Also you     take the class of the highest form. For those who do not have super forms:     You multiply all your attributes by 3 and add 2 to your class.     *note-if your race has super forms that you can achieve you cannot take bonuses from not     having super forms*

2. Mystic Beam The Mystic Beam is mainly used to bring Majin's back to the "good" side. It does 1d6*5 damage per level and costs 5 ki per 1d6*5. The Majin can only dodge this attack or counter with his Majin Beam. Whoever loses the beam battle is turned into what his opponent is.

Attribute Bonuses: None.

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