INT 4d6+5

MNT 3d6+4

STR 3d6+2

DEX 3d6+3

STM 3d6+5

SPD 3d6+3

HP: STMx15+10 per level

Ki: MNTx15+10 per level

Pick five powes at level 1 and 1 every level after


1. Popos begin with Sense ki and Flight at no cost.

2. Popos gain 20 points to distribute among stats when they level-up.  Also, they gain +6 to INT

3. Popos don't naturally age.

4. Are very wise, and often service Kama-sammas--the guardians of the planets

5. Popos, though often very powerful, (Mr. Popo was actually much more powerful than Goku when Goku came to Kami's Lookout for training), are pacifists by nature.  All ki powers that do damage, except Ki Invents, cost twice as much Ki as normal (and you may not spend beyond your normal ki usage).

6. +15 Invention Points

7. Once a Popo's INT reaches more than 40, they gain two powers at each level-up and gain 30 Invention Points per level, instead of 20.

8. At birth, Popos are granted a magical flying carpet.  This carpet flies at 80 mph and may carry up to five averaged sized people.  However, the carpet will only fly while the Popo is on it.

Unique Powers:

1. At level 5, Popos gain the ability to train others.  They do not create a school, but may teach any of their powers at a rate of one week per level of the power.  Also, they may train others at +1 to any attribute per week, except INT which takes two weeks.  They also may train them for 225 experience points per week.  Modifiers may not be improved in this way.

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