INT 2d6

MNT 3d6

STR 4d6+5

DEX 4d6+5

STM 3d6+5

SPD 5d6+5

HP: STMx14+20 per level

KI: MNTx10+25 per level

+1 actions a round

Pick two powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. At level up a Reptilian gains +20 to any stats except INT(unless red in which you can)

2. There are six kinds of Reptilians. Blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Silver, and Gold. Roll percentiles (1d100) to determine which one you are. You can pick your color UNLESS you want gold then you have to roll and take whatever you get

1-19: Blue:(speed). plus 15 to spd. +2 actions.  Begin with Flight. All flight powers are x2 MPH.

20-38: Red:(intelligence). plus 6 to INT and plus 8 to MNT. Starts with an extra power and gains 6 point at level up

39-57: Yellow:(ki user) instead of MNT times 10 it's MNT times 12.  Also +8 MNT.  Begins with Telekensis.

58-76: Black:(strength). Plus 20 to strength and  for every 30 ki +1 to HTH damage.  Begin with Bulk-up.

77-84: Silver:(dex). Plus 20 to dex and +2 actions.  Begin with Combat Teleport.

85-100:Gold:(super) Plus 15 to each stat.  Begin with Flight, Telekensis, Bulk-up, Dishcarge, and another power of your choice.

Unique Powers:

Each color gets a unique power which can't be chosen until level 3.

Blue: Ultra  Combat Teleport-A much more powerful version of Combat Teleport. It costs 50 ki and you get +10 to strike and dodge and an additional  +1 to strike or dodge for each 2 stm points (max is +15 so you can spend 10 stm for a +15 total)

Black: Super Strength-double damage from an HTH attack and it is armor piercing (4 stm points and can only be used 4 times during a battle)

Yellow: Mega Ki Blast-ki invention does +1/6 total damage is +5 to strike gains remote attack,  and if it hits its an auto crit roll. its costs 10 stm and can only be used once per battle.Also doing this is very taxing on the body so for the next round all rolls are at -2

Red: Supra intelligence-Gains +1d10  intelligence and +20  initiative,gain +10 points to invention

Silver: Super Aglity-Double strike and dodge for one action (example if someones going to attack you then you can use it for that action and then its done) Can be used once every 10 actions or once a round, which ever is longer

Gold: Strong form: This is a bulked up form of a reptille they grow to be about 20 feet tall in this form their muscles get bulked up and their brain grows along with their head and they become faster and more agile. They gain 5 ki an action in this form and regular attacks no longer cost STM. +15% to each stat and +1 to HP-Ki mod. They can stay in this form for their level in actions and can only transform once a battle

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