INT 1d4

MNT 2d6+15

STR 4d6+20

DEX 3d6+8

STM 2d6+10

SPD 3d6+8

HP: STMx12+35 per level

KI: MNTx10+20 per level

Pick  two powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. At level up Saibamen gain 20 points to distribute among any stats except INT.

2. These Saibamen are not the normal type of Saibamen, but are a much stronger race that has been bred to think for themselves.  Eventually, these Saibamen escaped from slavery and become an actual indpendant, viable race.

3. Begins with Combat Teleport.  Gains Advanced Combat Teleport at level 5, if they do not all ready have it.

4. Saibamen, as they were biologically designed to fight, are +3 to all strikes and dodges.

5. All Saibamen have the ability to self-destuct.  They must latch onto the victim of the attack, rolling HtH strike -5.  They must build up their energy for 1 action.  They then release their energy, usually causing massive damage to the enemy in the least, and often killing them.  This damage is equal to the Saibaman's maximum HP.

6. +1 HtH damage per 30 ki.

Unique Powers

1. Acid Attack: Saibamen may open their heads (this doesn't actually hurt them) and fire a blast of acid at opponents.  This acid is -3 to strike, and uses ranged strike.  The attack does 6d10 damage, +2d10 damage per level, and gains the Saibaman's Ki bonuses.  The acid is armor piercing and remains on the victim for 1d6 actions, do 1/2 of the damage dice each action.  (If it originally did 6d10 damage, it would do 3d10 damage the next action, then 2d10, then 1d10.  Always round up.)

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