Attributes: INT 1d10 MNT 3d6 STR 2d6+2 DEX 3d6+5 STM 2d6+4 SPD 3d6+3 HP: STMx11+30 per level Ki: MNTx12+25 per level +3 attacks per round. Choose one power at level 1 and one every level after


1. Begin with a school of technique

2. Begins with Ki Shaping at no cost

3. +10 Ki damage per 50 HP.

4. Regains 15 ki per action per level

5. At level-up, Sauza-jin gain +3 to each stat, except INT.  They also gain 10 points to distribute among any stats.

6. Gains +20%to all stats when LPed.

Unique Powers:

1. Improved Ki Shaping: The character shapes a Weapon of some sort. It may be a sword knife, staff, dagger, etc. if it is a ranged weapon the creation cost must be paid for each one thrown. Damage: Each foot of length does 3d6x10 dmg. Cost: 10 ki per 1 foot of length, cost must be paid every round. Max Length equal to level of creator. Takes a action to create the weapon.   Ki weapons gain BOTH Ki and HtH damage.  Gains an additional 2d6x10 damage per foot each level of having this power.  Cannot be chosen until level 7.

2. Advanced Parry: The Sauza-jin may knock away any ki blast instead of dodging it.  They must simply make a HtH strike +5.  The result must be greater than the attacker's strike.  The Sauza-jin gains 1/4 of the ki used to create the attack.  Can parry a critical ki hit on any natural roll above 15. If a critical strike is rolled by the Sauza-jin, they gain 1/2 of the ki used to create it.  Any ki gained from Advanced Parry is sent to the user's ki count, until that reaches maximum.  After that, it is added to the user's ki pool.  Can only knock an attack away, cannot knock it back at the attacker or at anyone else.  May only be used once per round, costs 5 STM.  Cannot be chosen until level 4.

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