Shantza Jin

U04 shanza


INT 1d6  

MNT 8d6+20

STR 1d6  

DEX 1d6  

STM 2d6+2  

SPD 1d6

HP STMx2+10 per level

Ki  MNTx20+10 per level

Pick Seven powers at level one and once power for each level after


1. Recovers 10 KI an round and +2 more each level.

2. At level up, gains 30 to MNT and +4 to STM

3. Extremely small and as a result very hard to hit or see. -10 to all attacks against them if you found them. You have to roll a 1d20 and get a 16 or above to spot them.


Illusion Technique

They sends red beams out of his cheeks creating a red dome around his opponents. Inside the dome he creates illusions to try and trick his opponents. This is extremely powerful technique. It costs them 10 ki an action to maintain. The dome covers a large 200 yard area and they can created anything they want inside it to fool their enemy. In the dome the user rolls a 1d100 each turn and must get a 95 or higher to break out of it. Until then they slowly pick up the fighter dealing 10 damage an action they are in there.

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