This is one off the most mysterious schools, ever. It even rivals the mystery surrounding the Omni school. To get inside the school you have to be level 15 or above, and a PL over 1 billion in normal form. Or if you are below those reqiremnt you have to roll below 10 on a 1d100.  Also you must be True Nutral or Nutral of alligment. For game purposes, you do not find this school, you are invited *Oath of the Grey* I am the Light between the Darnknes I am the Darkness between the Light I stand in the middle, between, Life and Death. I am the Grey.

1. Discharge 2. Enhanced Charge 3. Zanzoken 4. Deflection

1. Grey blast: This a beam attack that deals level d6*5 DMG.  It is in between the Majin and Mystic school blasts, so it can be countered by them. Same rules apply to this blast as for the other two blasts.

2. Grey matter: This is in between Mystic and Majin school. If you achived super forms, you add up all of their stats. Once you use this technique, you can not use super froms again. Take the highest class from your super forms, also add 1 special 'technique' from each super form and aura. Also, you will not be able to reach new super forms once this is taken. You permantly stay in whatever form you choose. If the char has no super forms then multiply the stats by 3

Atrbutes: +10 to all

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