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''Step 1''
''Step 1''
First of all, Grab your character sheet PDF so you can begin.
First of all, Grab your character sheet.
''Step 2''  
''Step 2''  

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Character Creation Tutorial

For those new to the Dragonball RPG, here is a tutorial for character creation:

Step 1

First of all, Grab your character sheet.

Step 2  

Choose your race.  

There are are many races to choose from, and this could prove a problem. If this is your  first character, it is suggested that you choose a simpler race and one that uses many facets of the Dragon Ball system.

Step 3

Copy your Race Information into the Racial Abilities section of your character sheet.

Step 4

Roll all of your basic stats--INT, MNT, STR, DEX, STM, and SPD.  Don't figure your HP, Ki, LP, Stamina Count, and Attacks Per Round yet, as this could change later.

Step 5

Roll your class or color, if your race has them.  Take whatever steps your class/color lists for changing your stats.

Step 6

Choose your unique abilities from the Unique Ability section.


Choose your school of technique if your race begins with one, or your unique abilities grant you one.  If you do not begin with a school, choose your beginning powers.

Step 8

Figure out your HP, Ki, LP, Stamina Count, and Attacks Per Round.  Your HP and Ki multipliers are in your race information.  Usually, LP and Stamina Count are usually equal to your STM stat, unless your racial information or unique say differently.

Step 9

Figure out your stat bonuses, using the Stat Bonuses section. Your unique abilities and racial skills may effect some of these bonuses.

Step 10

Create your first Technique Invention.  You have 60 points to create it, and  it may be either HtH or Ki based.  Your Unique Abilities or race may effect how many points you may points you have.

Step 11

Roll your beginning Zeni.  Buy whatever items you want, found in the Items section. Start with 1d10*100 zenni.

Step 12

Figure your power-level. The formula and explanation is found in the Class section.

Step 13

All the technical details of your character are complete now.  Filling in the Description,Background, and Personality sections are to give your character Visual.

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