INT 2d6+1

MNT 3d6

STR 5d6+3

DEX 4d6

STM 6d6+5

SPD 4d6+1

HP: STMx14+15 per level

KI: MNTx10+20 per level

Pick four powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. At level up gains 25 points to distribute amoung any TWO stats.  +2 STR per level.

2. When Yakon-jin mature, they grow a blade on each arm.  Each of these blades do 3d10 damage +3d10 per 2 levels.  These are armor piercing and become shield piercing at level 4.  These blades function as swords and all sword powers may be used with them.  Both blades may be used to attack in the same action, with each at a -3 to strike (there is not penalty if only one is used to attack).

3. +1 to dodge per 100 ki.

4. +1 to strike per 150 HP.

Unique Powers:

Ki Eating: When a ki blast is fired at a Yakon-jin, they may attempt to eat it, instead of dodging or some other defensive move.  They roll strike -5.  If successful, the Yakon-jin gains HP equal to 1/2 the ki used to create the attack.  May not be chosen until level 3.

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