INT 2d6

MNT 5d6+3

STR 5d6+4

DEX 4d6+8

STM 3d6+12

SPD 5d6

HP: STMx12+25 per level

KI: MNTx10+25 per level.

+1 actions Pick three powers at level 1 and one for each level after


1. At level up gains +20 to any stat besides INT

2. +1 strike and dodge bonus for each 200 hps

3.+1 HTH bonus for each 50 ki

4. They recover Ki at a rate of 10 per round per level.

Unique Powers:


Change Form: They have a body that holds two forms. A weaker nicer looking body, and a monsterous ugly body. They can change at any time, but they first try to win the match in the first form. They truly hate having to transform and will only do this when ABSOLUTELY necessary.

Attribute Bonuses:

+20% to DEX,SPD, and MNT

+30% to STM, and STR

+3 HP Mod +2 Ki Mod

They gain +1 HtH bonus for each 40 HP instead of 50 ki

Omega Bulk Up- Pump up one HtH attack to do double damage be SP and AP and gain a +5 to strike. Costs 5 STM and can only be done once per round. Is gained and can only be used in monster form. Power level raises *2 when doing this attack.  May not be used with a multi-attack. (gets multi kick and punch in monster form)

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